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Being a tango dancer I pay much attention to the danceability of the played music, and being a musician I have a special ear for beautiful, moody tangos as well as a good sense for composing the tandas.

Tango-DJ Michael



Expericence and background:

Tango Orchestras

The following orchestras are in my repertoire:

Philosophy & Skills

As a DJ, I am responsible for creating an inspiring milonga that brings joy and happiness to the dancers. I achieve this goal as follows:

As a musician and dancer, I have a good feeling for DJing - and the many positive feedbacks from organizers and dancers encourage me on my way.


Tango DJ Michael Sattler

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Credits & feedback:

"For me, Michael is an outstanding tango DJ with a lot of experience. His special understanding of music and his love of tango is reflected in his variable, very well coordinated tandas that keep thrilling me."   [Hari Huber, Tanguero]

"Super musique à ne pas rater!"   [Anna & Giuseppe Ancona, Milonga La Esquina Hermosa, Strasbourg]
Translation: "Great music not to be missed!"

"Michael convinces me as a tango DJ for many reasons, here are just two examples:
- he creates and decides live at the venue which tandas are to be played next, so he can ideally respond to the respective mood/atmosphere.
- he is a pianist himself and knows/feels the tango authentically from the inside."

[Francesco Gatti, tango teacher]

"When Michael is DJing, I know the milonga will be beautiful. He knows so much about the music and makes sure that every tanda is a pleasure."   [Christian Bühler, Tanguero]

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